Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need Inspiration! Summer Dress!

I'm dreaming of having enough time to embroider a cute summer dress for my six year old. She just turned six, and I feel kind of guilty, because her dad purchased a simple little dress for her at the department store for her B-Day. I felt guilty, because I saw how simple it was, and also, it didn't fit her exactly right. I don't know if you're like me, but I always look at something and say to myself, "I could make that!!" But guess what? When does a busy homeschooling mom do those fun things anyway?

I've been eyeing the dress on Oma's Place, but I also think it would be fun to combine this adorably cute "Stix Family" set from Designs By JuJu on the lower portion of a dress. It would be cute on a homeschooling book bag also! It's for a 4x4 hoop. My problem is that I'm not all that creative on my own, so without project ideas to get me started, I sit and stare blankly at my embroidery machine :) That's why I really like it when customers send in their project pictures.

We give an invitation every week in the newsletter and it enters you into a drawing to free embroidery designs from our club archives. I know it's very inspirational for others as well. If you have something you've created from embroidery designs , would you take a minute and email them to us at , with a note about who the designer is? We'd love to show off your work! And it could earn you free designs!!

Here are the two sets I've been drooling over today!
It's so hard to pick though, because there are so many new embroidery designs to choose from!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something. If you want access to exclusive free designs that are added weekly, sign up for our "Free Member's Only Club" and we'll send our weekly newsletter to you also! This is a section of the mall we've placed free tutorials, inspirationals and tips as well!

I better scoot out of toddler just came in from playing outside. He's as naked as a jaybird and as dirty as a little piggy in the mud :) Oh, the joys of potty training!

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