Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did someone say Chocolate?

I just ended an agonizingly LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG break from chocolate. What happened is that I pestered my husband to take a break from soda for months (maybe even years), and finally, out of desperation, I said I'd even stop eating chocolate if he stopped drinking soda. He still wouldn't budge! I thought for sure he'd just love watching me suffer.

So finally, a few months after I said that, his friend came up to him and said, "Come on dude, let's you and me drink water and drink water only! We'll do it together...I know you can do it!!!!" Now you are talking about a person who has not allowed any plain water to pass through his lips for probably 3 years...And you know what he did? After saying no to me for years, he gave in on the spot! It was only later that our nosy son reminded him that I had said I'd stop eating chocolate if he went off of soda. (Thanks, know who you are!)

Well, I tried to talk my way out of it, saying he had made the deal with his friend, not with me....but no one would leave me alone, and there I was, stuck without chocolate for a full 2 months. I was secretly happy that he had put a time limit on the challenge, even though I told him he shouldn't have. Yesterday was the last day of it! The amazing thing is, it didn't kill me. And actually, I didn't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would.

After I eat this solid Dove Bunny from Easter that I've been saving, I think I will again stop eating chocolate ...(Okay, who am I kidding, anyway?)

In celebration of all things sweet and terrible for the waist, I think this is the perfect embroidery design set to stitch out. For the sweet tooth in us all! Designs By JuJu is designer of the week right now and she has an amazing sale going on. Buy 1 set and get 3 more entire sets!! If you buy 2, you get 7 more and so on!!! That's almost giving them away.

These are pretty Yummy Too by Bunny Cup. She's got almost as good of a sale going. It's buy 1 get 2 more for a penny!!

I just found these Sparkling Sweet Treats by Linnie Pinnie that look really cute too. They are stitched with metallic thread accents.

I just wanted to point out a couple of sets from our vast embroidery design gallery to you today. Since there are so many embroidery designs to choose from, it can make your head swim!

Again, don't forget that we carry Embroidery Supplies as well, and we are expanding all of the time. We just got a huge shipment of Mulberry Paper in, and it's really fun to stitch on also!

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